One of the biggest steps, modern science achieved, was a direct result of implementing robotic systems into research applications, replacing human at tedious and mistake prone work.

evo_200_screening Robotic System

Automation laboratory technology  has advanced up to a stage in which laboratory automation systems are now performing at labs starting from diagnostic were clinical laboratory automation systems collect, measure and store patient information or microbiology lab automation plating samples in agar plates before incubation and automatically picking selected colonies for downstream treatment.

Lab automation system

Automated robotic systems such as Liquid Handling Automation can today be found at research labs and institutes all over the world. Genomic research, DNA extraction, PCR setup, PCR cleanup, cell based assays and high trough put screening are only some of the fields were robotics and automation implementation can speed up, or even make possible the research ideas of a scientist. Lab automation integrated properly with automation & robotics friendly lab instrument, is a most powerful tool in the hand of scientists today. Precision, uniformity and reproducibility can now be kept through all stages of the experiment, even if it spread over nights or weekends, freeing researches for data analysis.

Lab Automation design

On the way of automating an assay, or designing a robotic system for multiple tasks, one will benefit from the experience and knowledge of others, instead of re-inventing the wheel on his own expanse.

Based on Tecan, proven Liquid handling automation platforms, Neotec can offer its customer a vast and solid knowhow in the field of automation and liquid handling robotics. From technical issues to liquid handling matters, final data acquisition and detection or third side instrumentation integration, working with Neotec will insure the process of taking your assay into the next phase, walking you hand in hand through the stages of automating your lab.

If you want to automate your assay, feel free contacting NEOTEC Bio