Freedom EVO® series

The Freedom EVO series offers four different worktable capacities (75, 100, 150 and 200 cm) each with building-block modularity that brings precision, reliable liquid handling and easy-to-use robotics. Each platform can be combined with a wide choice of robotic arms, liquid handling tools and application options powered by straightforward software to meet your individual needs. The upgradeable Freedom EVO platform can evolve with your changing application needs making your initial investment even more valuable. Select the best pre-configured automation solution for your laboratory or create your own individual system according to your specific needs together with our automation specialists.


TEC000804I Freedom EVO® 75  

Compact liquid handling power for small life science laboratories in academia, biotechnology research and analytics or as a personal system for optimizing processes independently in larger pharmaceutical or agrochemical companies. The freely configurable Freedom EVO 75 supports applications such as DNA extraction, amplification set-up, sample dilution, normalization and assay development. An optional robotic manipulator arm, also able to reach positions outside the worktable, enhances the system to provide a complete process automation platform in a small footprint.



Freedom EVO®  100, 150 and 200LabAutometion

Each of the three robotic platforms offers an advanced, proven and reliable liquid handling system for different scales and throughputs. With the choice of various liquid handling and manipulative robotic arms we provide an extendable work area and variable configurations. Freedom EVO workstations can automate a diverse range of applications including primary and secondary screening, cell growth and maintenance, nucleic acid sample preparation, hit picking, library management and sample weighing.




Fluent 2

Fluent™ Laboratory Automation Solution

Laboratory Automation Solutions

With a broad range of features specifically designed to optimize the performance of cell-based and biochemical assays, Fluent enhances throughput, streamlines workflows and delivers more precise and reliable results. By simplifying the handling of precious samples and seamlessly integrating with cell biology devices, Fluent automates your complex assays for greater productivity and confidence.