The new D300e digital dispenser

The new D 300e is a unique dispenser and proven itself to be an invaluable tool for dispensing of small molecules in DMSO. Now, users will be able to experience the same high precision, picoliter dispensing for biomolecules – such as proteins, enzymes and nucleic acids – in aqueous solutions as well.

D300e features:

  •  Thousands of droplets dispensed per second
  •  12  to 1536-well SBS plate; ‘assay ready’ or dry
  •  Any dose in any well
  •  Titration – eliminates serial dilution
  •  DMSO 70-100%   minimum drop 13 pL
  •  Aqueous with surfactant minimum drop 11 pL

Proteins, Antibodies, Peptides, Small molecules, Nanoparticles, DNA, RNA, siRNA, Oligos, Lipids, PCR Master Mix

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EzMate 401-Arise Biotech’sEzMate 401 with laptop

EzMate™ series is an automated, high-precision pipetting system specifically designed for low-volume PCR / qPCR sample preparation, with proven capabilities on a variety of liquid dispensing tasks.

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EzMate 401 S401s_system

A new EzMate™ 401s use the same platform and software of EzMate™ 401, with more advanced features added, such as, HEPA filters UV lamp, and Active Cooling / Heating modules (ACHM).



EzMate 601EzMate 601 with laptop

This platform includes all of 401’s benefits, with enlarge capacity of 6 positions.

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EzMate 601 SEzMate601s

based on the EzMate 601, including HEPA filters, UV lamp, and active Cooling/Heating modules.