Neotec Bio provide and supports Tecan Multimode and Absorbance Readers

Multimode Readers



Spark 10M

No matter what your experiment, Spark® enhances productivity by bringing together the advanced capabilities of a Multi-Mode Reader, incubator, cell Imaging, dispenser and more.

All in a single, high performance instrument offering touchscreen control, remote access, exceptional flexibility and ease of use.
Discover the Spark® Multi-Mode microplate reader from Tecan and ignite the productivity in your laboratory.


Accelerate your research with the Spark highlights

  • Cell counting / Cell confluence and viability analysis
  • High definition well scan
  • Ultra-fast absorbance incl. UV/VIS spectra
  • High performance fluorescence fusion technology incl.
    • Top & bottom, spectra, TRF , FRET, TR-FRET, FP.
  • High sensitivity luminescence featuring glow, flash, multicolor & spectra
  • AlphaSreen®, AlphaLISA® & AlphaPlex®
  • CO2 & O2 control
  • Temperature control (RT+3°C – 42°C)
  • Evaporation protection (humidity cassette)
  • Te-Cool™ (active temperature regulation 18-42 °C)
  • Integrated lid handling
  • Reagent dispensing with reagent heater and stirrer
  • NanoQuant plate

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Infinite® 200 PRO

Infinite® 200 PRO NanoQuant

Our highly flexible modular microplate reader offers all the main detection technologies in one easy-to-use, monochromator or filter-based instrument.

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Infinite® 200 PRO NanoQuant

Infinite 200 PRO NanoQuant is the first microplate reader which can handle 2 µl sample volume. Easy to use and high flexibility in an affordable absorbance reader.

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Absorbance Readers

Sunrise™ Sunrise multichannel absorbance plate reader

The fast, multichannel absorbance plate reader with tuneable wavelength and temperature control options that can be tailormade for your purposes.

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Infinite F50

Microplate Reader Infinite F50

Tecan’s New generation ELISA reader, LED based, 8 filter wheel include Magellan data analysis software. State-of-the-art 8-channel absorbance microplate reader for accurate, reproducible and fast results.

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