Neotec Bio offers a wide range of different consumables from our partners

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Tecan consumables

LiHa tips

Neotec Bio offers a wide range of disposable tips for use with the Liquid Handling (LiHa) Arm for the Freedom EVO® series instruments. Tecan LiHa Disposable Tips are carefully designed, produced and validated to ensure reliable liquid handling performance.

Tip manufacturing is fully automated in a Class 8 clean room, using state-of-the-art production processes and inte

grated quality control procedures. During production, each tip undergoes online optical inspection, to ensure consistent pipetting accuracy and precision.

LiHa Disposable Tips are available in a variety of tip volumes, with or without filters, and are made of conductive polyp

ropylene to allow capacitive liquid level detection.

 MCA Tips

Tecan MCA tips

Neotec Bio offers a flexible range of MCA 96 disposable tips that are designed, validated and manufactured to ensure optimal performance of the MultiChannel Arm™ 96 (MCA 96) option on Freedom EVO®workstations. Tips are supplied in SBS-format racks, allowing up to 768 tips per SBS position on the worktable, or 3840 tips in a Te-Stack™ column.

The nested tip design has been optimized for throughput and reliability, offering:


  • Increased throughput and walkaway time, due to nested for


  • Increased flexibility, due to SBS format and broad product portfolio
  • Significant waste reduction
  • Improved reliability for pick-up of tips, due to new rack design
  • Cost effective due to savings on shipment, storage and waste disposal cost

All MCA 96 disposable tips are manufactured in a controlled environment, . The production process is fully validat

ed, with extensive quality testing to guarantee purity and optimize pipetting results.

Reagent Troughs

Neotec Bio offers a range of disposable troughs designed for liquid handling automation. Depending on your application, we offer troughs from 25 ml up to 250 ml for use with the 8-channel liquid handling arm and from 125 to 250 ml for use with Tecan’s 96 and 384 Multichannel arm (MCA™).Tecan’s reagent troughs are produced to high standards of quality.

Agilent Technologies representing Agilent Microplates


Storage Plates

The Storage Plates from Agilent are made of natural polypropylene with distinguished features. Pyramid / Conical bottoms. 24, 48, 96 and 384 well configuration. RNase/DNase Free


Specially designed for Automation Reservoirs, feature the same shape and dimensions as standard microplates, these reservoirs can be handled by robotic arm or stored in automated incubator. RNase/DNase Free

Filter Bottom Microplates

Filter bottom Microplate design enables easy and affordable customization, with a large number of media options that ava

  • ilable for the customer. With Agilent, It is possible to encapsulate almost any media of choice and multiple layers of media in any configuration that will yield the best results for your application. These plates can be ordered with a powder of choice, silica, ground glass or diatomaceous earth. A variety of drip directors are also available. RNase/DNase
  •  Free


Neotec Bio offer a large selection of 96-tube rack systems with high , proven quality and affordable pricing. For samples with special archiving requirements, or special trough division in the fields of Bio-banking, compound management, cryo-preservation, population studies and transfusion medicine.


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Samplosophy Data Matrix MultiRack Cryo & SBS lid off