Pickolo – Automated Colony Picker

A colony picker add-on for Tecan robots

Product Description:

Pickolo is a colony-picker add-on for Tecan robots. The product enable advanced and fully automated micro-organism colony picking from agar plates, both Petri-dish and various multi-well plate formats, based on diverse criteria such as size , shape and color of the colonies. The product seamlessly installed on to the robot in just a few minutes. The software is easily integrated into regular Tecan scripts such as Evoware and Gemini software enabling colony picking downstream and upstream to other robotic tasks . The software generates automatic documentation of the picked colonies.

Features of Automated Colony Picker:

    • Fast performance >500 colonies per hour
    • Full automation with upstream and downstream applications.
    • Flexible selection criteria by color, size and more.
    • Easy to use.
    • Simple to install


Package Includes:

Industrial high-resolution camera with MegaPixel computer vision lenses.

Aluminum back-light carrier for Tecan robots including adapter for microplate and Petri-dish and calibration tool.

Colony-picking software package for automated image analysis and robot control that allows sophisticated and fully automated colony-picking based on diverse criteria of colony’s size, shape and color and smooth integration into regular robot scripts.
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