Spiral platerpplbr1 PetriPlater™ enables fully automated sample inoculation on Petri-dish

The PetriPlater™ is an add-on module for Tecan robots. PetriPlater™ enables fully automated sample inoculation on Petri-dish.

Integrating PetriPlater™ on Tecan robot provide an affordable high-throughput solution. The PetriPlater™ can be easily integrated with upstream liquid-handling, serial dilution and colony-picking tasks and provide powerful automated solution for Petri-dish inoculation.

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pickoloMI include petriplate+MALDI TOF carrier+barcode readerMALDI-TOF sample preparation

MALDI-TOF Mass-spectrometry is becoming the primary method for microbial identifications both at clinical and food laboratories. based on technologies such as Bruker’s Biotyper. The Pickolo-MI™ introduced by Scirobotics Ltd. is providing a state of the art automated solution for sample preparation for MALDI-TOF Microbial identification.

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Hemagglutination Analyzer

Hemagglutination Analyzer

Manual assessment done by eye is a source for mistakes and wrong diagnosis.

Up until today, Hemagglutination (HA), Hemagglutination Inhibition (HI) and Complement Fixation assays that used for the purpose of quantification of ABs, bacteria or viruses using titration, were analyzed this way. Documentation of the results were lacking as well. SciRobotics FluHema™ adds tilting, imaging and analysis capabilities to the Evo Platform liquid handling platform, enabling automation of this process.

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Petri-Dish Carouselpickolo  lighttable + petri plater+petrisel

PetriSel™ is petri-dish storage add-on for Tecan robots. It provides an automated and easily integrated storage solution for up to 180 petri-dish.

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Buffy Coat Separation & Extraction

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External robotic arm

Robotic arm - kinedx

Additional automation option, with proven ability, is PAA independent external robotic arm.

Flexible robotic arm, with extensive reach and flexibility, opens numerous automation and integration options to a large number of instruments.

Automated robotic surround enabled with PAA robotic arm, combined with Neotec experience, expand your automated abilities.





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