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Tecan instrumentation enables vast applications in a variety of fields within the life science world. Tecan Application Notes may help to set the instruments in a better way, or even shed some light, or direct toward a new ways of using an existing platform.

AC Extraction Plate AN and TN


More about AC Extraction Plate

Cell biology AN


more about 3D Cell biology and Cell biology Solutions

Agriculture, Veterinary and Food

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More about Agriculture, Veterinary and Food

Freedom EVO


More about Freedom EVO, Freedom EVO 75, Protein Crystallography and Freedom EVO Chromatography

SPARK Multi-Mode Reader


More about SPARK

Infinite 200 PRO


More about Infinite 200 PRO

Infinite® F50 Robotic


More about Infinite F50

D300e Digital Dispenser


More about HP D300 Digital Dispenser

HydroSpeed AN


More about HydroSpeed

HydroFlex AN


More about HydroFlex