Project Description

Serving the life sciences industry since 2001, Seahorse Bio-science provides industry-leading analytical instruments, bio-manufacturing systems and consumable lab-ware products for biological research and drug discovery. Our customers include scientists at academic institutions, pharmaceutical and biotech organizations, as well as OEM manufacturers of assay kits and lab instruments suppliers.

Innovative Labware Development

Since 1984, our labware manufacturing group (formerly Innovative Microplate) has designed and produced more molds for microplates than any other company in the world. OEM assay kit manufacturers, instrument suppliers, and end users rely on our expertise in designing and manufacturing sophisticated, high-quality molded consumables on time and at reasonable costs.

Our customers are innovators that want to explore challenging design concepts that must interact with new hardware, reagents or biology. By offering design, tooling, molding, testing and assembly steps under one roof, we are able to iterate designs quickly and at low cost. Our customers appreciate our ability to work with them to optimize challenging new designs and our willingness to accommodate the ramp of production volumes as new products are introduced and gain traction.

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