Project Description

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TN INF200 TechNote F200 LanthaScreen V1.3.pdf

TN Inf200 Quant iT PicoGreen Infinifte F M 200 395180 V1.0.pdf Infinite® 200  

TN INF200 NanoQuant Affymetrix 395960 V1.0.pdf

TN Human TNF-a ELISA using Sword Peroxidase Reagents M200 396611 V1.0.pdf

TN Human IL-6 chemiluminescent ELISA using Sword Peroxidase Reagents M200 396609 V1.0.pdf

TN Human C-reactive protein ELISA using Sword Peroxidase Reagents M200 396607 V1.0.pdf

TN Inf200Transcreener FI V1.0.pdf

TechNote M200 Cytotoxicity V1.0 081909.pdf

Sword M200 396727.pdfPAMPA Assay for Permeability Studies

AN Promega Inf2000 397942 V1-0.pdf

AN PrestoBlue 397847 V1-0.pdf

AN ORAC Assay for the determination of antioxidant capacity in foods 397839 v1-0.pdf

AN InspheroHangingDropReadOut InfiniteM200 397060 V1.pdf

AN Infinite M200 TechnothrombinTGA Assay 395692 V1.0.pdf

AN Infinite M200 NanoQuant RNA Quantification Karolinska-Institut 395673 V1.0.pdf

AN Infinite 200 PRO GCM 396464 V1.0.pdf

AN Infinite 200 NanoQuant Plate 395350 V2.0.pdf

AN Infinite 200 AppNote Protein quantification NanoQuant 395593 V1.0.pdfSchematic of GIT development

AN Inf200PRO HTRF 396186 V1.0.pdf

AN INF200PRO enhanced FI Bottom V1 0.pdf

AN Inf200 Protein quantification BCA Lowry-Bradford 395245 V1.0.pdf

AN INF200 pION 395789 V1.0.pdf

AN Inf200 Injector system Modified lowry assay 395179 V1.0.pdf

AN Implementation of AlphaScreen technology on the Infinite F200 PRO 397636 V1.pdf

AN Implementation of AlphaLISA technology on the Infinite F200 PRO 397634 V1.pdf

AN FI Top with NanoQuant Inf200 395670 V1.0.pdf

AN Determination of microbial cell viability 398074 V1-0.pdfInfinite® 200 Multimode Reader

AN Automated growth monitoring of microaerophilic organisms 397705 V1.pdf

AN 397050 V1 012012 Infinite200PRO GCM NUNC.pdf

AN Transcreener ADP2 TR-FRET Red Assay 398078 V1-0.pdf