Project Description

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Automated RNA Extraction

AN Automating ELISAs on Tecans Freedom EVO using Optimiser technology from Siloam Biosciences 397516 V1-1.pdf

AN Macherey Nagel 396918 gDNA from blood NucleoSpin 396918 V1.0.pdf

AN Machery Nagel Virus NA extraction 396705 V1.0.pdf

AN MN RNA NucleoMag 397415 V1.pdf

AN Plant Genomics at lightning speed 397838 V1-0.pdf

Macherey Nagel High purity plasmids 396817 V1 0.pdf

Tecan FreedomEVO AppNote ASRCleanUp.pdf

Tecan FreedomEVO AppNote PCRCleanUp.pdf

Tecan FreedomEVO AppNote PCRSetup.pdf

Tecan FreedomEVO AppNote Plasmid.pdf

Tecan FreedomEVO AppNote RNA.pdf


Freedom EVO 75

AN Evo75 Gene Paint 091509.pdf

AN The Freedom EVO75 luminex xMAP configuration.pdf

AN TheFreedomEVO75 PCRSet-up configuration.pdf


Freedom EVO  Chromatography

AN Freedom EVO Process development 395627 V1.0.pdf

Bioprocess International Year book 2008 Chromatography On Tecan Freedom EVO Robotic Workstations


Freedom EVO Protein Crystallography

AN Low volume pipetting Freedom EVO Te-PS 395294 V1.0.pdf

Customized, flexible in reconfiguration solutions, that cover all your genomic automation needs including DNA extraction, Normalization, PCR set up, DNA shearing, and NGS sample preparation.

Freedom EVO Forensics DNA

Tecan AN DNA Extraction Buccal Cells

Tecan AN Purification Forensic DNA

Freedom EVO Genotyping

Tecan Genotyping AppNote SNPDetection.pdf